Project Start Date: April 2023

Preliminary site work has begun on Norwich Solar’s latest large ground mount array in the state. Previously we did a large solar installation at the Cardigan Mountain School. This array will offer group net meeting for about 2 dozen small businesses within the Eversource Energy territory to help business manage their increasing energy costs.

The site is located in a mostly commercial district and the property was previously owned by a fuel company. Norwich Solar purchased the land to install the ground mounted fixed-tilt solar project that will occupy 6-8 acres. The land will also allow the popular snowmachine trail to pass through in the winter months. We are looking forward to moving ahead with another four projects of similar size, to help people in New Hampshire benefit from energy savings of solar.





Newport SitePlan

System Specifications

  • Type of System: Ground
  • System Capacity:  1 Megawatt AC
  • Projected Date of Commissioning: December 2023
  • Location: Newport, NH