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Norwich Technologies

R&D and Parent Company

Norwich Technologies and our family of businesses is focused on the development, commercialization, and deployment of forward-looking renewable energy solutions. Innovation is the heart and soul of our operations, fueled by our commitment to a cleaner, robust energy future. Utilizing funding from US Department of Energy grants for innovative research, investment partners, and commercial work, we have developed new technologies, and installed hundreds of commercial solar projects and EV chargers that benefit the New England communities we serve and their rapid transition to electrification.


Run Time Solar

Operation & Maintenance Team

RunTime Solar is the region’s premier solar operations and maintenance company, specializing in managing commercial and community solar assets across Vermont, New Hampshire, and Maine. Our sought-after, experienced and certified, professional team is a reliable partner, ensuring every asset is performing at the highest level for the array owners and providing the maximum benefits for our investment in a clean energy future.


Norwich EV

EV Charging Solutions

Norwich EV is accelerating the adoption of electric vehicles by making it easier to finance and install ample charging locations in Vermont and New Hampshire. With our workplace, multi-unit dwelling and strategic downtown EV fast charging solutions, Norwich EV is ensuring all communities and organizations can participate and benefit in the electrification of our transportation system. Working with local business and State agencies, we have installed 18 chargers in communities, with plans for 9 more within the next two years.



24/7 Onsite Renewable Heat & Power

Durion is a company started by Norwich Technologies, a leader in development and commercialization of cutting-edge innovations in clean energy technology. As part of the DOE Solar Energy Technologies Office (SETO), and the NSF SBIR program, Norwich Technologies, along with researchers at the Dartmouth’s Thayer School of Engineering, were awarded several grants to develop its next-generation solar field and thermal storage for Concentrating Solar Power (CSP). Durion’s proprietary hot water thermal storage and controls system enable a significantly lower cost of storage. This unlocks renewable energy to become an affordable, 24/7 solution for commercial and industrial customers.