Project Reached CPG Status – March 2023

Norwich Solar has received a Certificate of Public Good (CPG) from the Vermont Public Utility Commission for a 500 kW AC solar array in Newbury, VT. The ground-mounted system will generate enough renewable clean energy to power approximately 135 homes per year and offset the carbon emission equivalent of almost 150 cars per year. This project highlights the opportunity for co-locating solar with other land uses, maximizing the benefits of the property for the landowner and the community. 

The array supports multiple land use opportunities, provides long-term lease income for the landowner, and contributes taxes to the town. The landowner, Cassidy Timber Harvesting, plans to develop much-needed homes for the area. The solar project contributes to the town’s and state’s renewable energy goals. Customers within the same power distribution network can sign up to receive reduced energy costs through Net Metering.  

Martha Staskus, Chief Development Officer for Norwich Solar commented, “It’s been a pleasure working with the Town and Cassidy Timber in planning for the array. We’re looking forward to bringing this project to fruition for more net metering customers. Newbury recognizes the benefits solar can contribute to the budget as well as achieving their renewable energy goals. We are very appreciative of their collaborative approach.” 

Norwich Solar offers Net Metering credits generated from similar solar arrays to participating businesses, municipalities, farms, and housing organizations, among others. In 2020 approximately half of the Norwich Solar’s projects benefitted affordable housing organizations including Champlain Housing Trust, Springfield Housing Authority, Twin Pines Housing Trust, Randolph Area Community Development Corp., Capstone Community Action and Housing Vermont. With other similar projects in the pipeline for 2023, Norwich Solar is planning to bring almost 6 MW of new solar energy to the Northern New England region.

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System Specifications

  • Type of System: Ground
  • System Capacity: 500 Kilowatts AC
  • Projected Date of Commissioning: September 2023
  • Location: Newbury, Vermont