Now Offering Direct EPC Services

Solar installation

We’re excited to announce an Expansion of Our Engineering, Procurement, and Construction Services under the Norwich Solar Brand.

Since the company’s founding in 2011, Norwich Solar has successfully Developed and EPC’ed over a hundred solar PV projects throughout Northern New England. Historically the company has focused on vertical integration, working as the EPC contractor primarily on projects that it has Developed in-house. It is now expanding its scope of work and offering its proven process for successful EPC services to other Developers in Vermont, New Hampshire and Maine.

According to Jim Merriam, Chief Executive Officer at Norwich Technologies, “As an impact focused organization, our team is always looking for ways to bring more clean energy solutions online faster. This expansion and utilization of our EPC services will bolster our efforts in achieving this objective.”

Charlie Van Winkle, Vice President of Operations says, “Outside companies will now be able to benefit from our roots as a Developer / EPC that allows us to foresee and mitigate issues with respect to constructability. We will also continue to leverage strong relationships with valued consultants and engineering firms that will help other Developers de-risk their renewable energy projects.”

Alongside this expansion of EPC services, the team at Norwich Technologies (NT) remains active on the Development and Financing of clean energy projects. Having successfully developed more commercial and utility scale solar than any other organization in Vermont over the last 5 years, the development team at NT will continue to expand its portfolio of projects across Northern New England and beyond. With the change, each division will respectively focus even deeper on their competences, while maintaining the agile, collaborative spirit of a comprehensive organization. Together, the Norwich Technologies family of companies is poised to unleash further potential in driving the transition to a clean energy future.