The Benefits of Solar Power

Better for your bottom line, the community, the environment and the future.

A Solar Power is a Win-Win-Win investment.

There are many benefits of solar…it’s good for the environment, sources your power locally, and saves you money now and in the future!
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Financial Benefits

One of the many benefits of moving to Solar Electricity from Norwich Solar is exceptional financial savings! We offer solutions to reduce and stabilize energy costs over the short and long-term This makes energy predictable and manageable by hedging against ever-rising utility costs.

Whether you’re a for-profit business, a non-profit organization, a farm, an educational institution or municipality, we are a valuable partner. Deciding to invest in a solar electric system is a smart and simple decision. Norwich Solar offers options for every type of commercial system and our team of professionals will assist you in determining what the best approach is for your unique circumstances.

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Environmental Benefits

Solar Photovoltaics (PV) directly reduces demand for fossil fuels and therefore reduces the associated pollutants. Nearly all manmade global warming and air pollution emissions which include, nitrous oxide (NOx), sulfur oxide (SO2), carbon monoxide (CO) and particulates are the direct result of fossil fuel energy usage, whether for electricity or transportation.

Solar is a nearly limitless source of clean electricity without emitting a single toxin or pollutant during operation. A 250 kW (kilowatt) system offsets nearly 4,000 tons of Carbon Dioxide (CO2) over a 30-year production life.

Worldwide energy consumption is approximately 18 TW (Terawatt: a unit of power equal to one trillion watts per year). At any given time 86,000 TW of the suns energy reaches the earth. This means that covering 4% of the world’s deserts with solar would produce all the world’s annual demand for electricity.

Educational Benefits

The team at Norwich Solar includes science and engineering educators from university and secondary school settings. We provide a range of educational assistance and displays, both interactive and online. We pride ourselves on our ability to help integrate data and information as part of classroom analysis and education.

Norwich Solar is the preferred partner to educational institutions of all levels. We have developed structured finance solutions to reduce and stabilize the school’s energy costs without capital investment, while simultaneously adding an invaluable educational opportunity to their curriculum.

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What to Learn More?

Solar power has never been more affordable. Contact Norwich Solar today to learn more!