VT Legislature Raises Solar Cap for Schools

NST solar schools demonstration

Vermont legislatureThere are exciting new regulations coming out of Montpelier that every Vermont school should know about. The legislator raised the 500-kilowatt cap on school projects to 1 megawatt, which would enable more schools across the state to start local renewable energy projects!

Whether your school or district is one of the dozens within the state that has already gone solar, or whether you’re still trying to figure out how to make a solar project work, 2019 is the time to take advantage of this change and start your own renewable energy project.

Vermonters love going green, and the driving force behind the proliferation of school solar projects across the state in recent years has been the robust net metering program enacted to encourage the rapid growth of renewable energy projects.

However, the financial advantages for the program are being scaled back in the latter half of 2019, so if your school hasn’t yet undertaken a solar project of its own the time to act is now, before the incentives are decreased.

solar school kidsIf your school or perhaps another school within your unified district has already acted on a solar project, you may have found yourself in the unfortunate position of bumping up against the 500-kilowatt cap for net metering customers.

At Norwich Solar, we have helped dozens of schools navigate down a proven path to energy independence through a NO COST solar option, namely a Power Purchase Agreement.

Simply put, your school doesn’t have to invest any capital to get started on a solar project.  Working with our team of solar investors, we will finance and build a solar array for your school or district that locks in long term savings on your energy costs while bringing helping Vermont reach it’s renewable energy targets.

We would welcome the opportunity for an experienced member of our team to meet with you soon to chart your path forward for a successful school solar project in 2019. Contact us to learn more.