Solar Canopies & Carports

Solar Power is a true win-win-win for commercial customers – save money, earn generous tax incentives, and accelerated depreciation, produce your own power, create local jobs, and reduce pollution. With solar canopies, add another win – protecting customer and employee vehicles from the elements.
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Put Your Parking Area to Work

Norwich Solar prides itself on making the choice to go solar hassle-free with full engineering and development services. Schedule your visit with a Norwich Solar commercial sales representative today to learn all the profitable, easy and affordable ways to go solar.
Save Money, Produce Power

Meet your business’s electricity needs while earning tax credits, saving money, being sustainable, and reducing fossil fuel use.

Strong & Versatile

Transform your parking lot into a solar energy producer! Our canopies are engineered to withstand high wind and heavy snow.

Efficient Use of Space

Solar canopies allow dense installations of solar panels while maintaining and improving the original use of your parking area.

Attractive Design

Solar canopies are elegant, modern, and protect client vehicles from the harmful elements.

Low or Zero Maintenance

A clean, low-maintenance source of sustainable electricity, coupled with innovative canopy design, is a high-return investment.

Why Choose Norwich Solar?

Norwich Solar is a Vermont-based company whose mission is to help towns, schools and communities reap the benefits of clean, renewable solar energy and to help us achieve the state’s greenhouse gas emissions goals of 90% renewables by 2050. Contact us to learn more about transitioning to renewable energy.
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