Research & Development

Our Commitment to Clean Technology R&D

Norwich Solar is a clean-energy company rapidly commercializing disruptive solar technologies. We have consistently demonstrated both technical ability to develop novel advanced solar technology, with successful development of our SunTrap™ concentrating solar power (CSP) system, and business ability to commercialize innovative solar technology with our novel EZ-PV™ modular solar system.

SUNTRAP™ Technology

Concentrated Solar Power with Storage

Our SunTrap 24/7 Solar Generation System solution provides users with 24/7 reliability and low electricity costs, including avoidance of high utility transmission and distribution costs, using a hybrid system which combines solar photovoltaics (PV), and concentrating solar power (CSP) field with thermal energy storage.

As grid penetration by wind and solar PV approaches 30%, their intermittency and time of peak production create problems for grid stability and load management. Concentrated Solar Power with storage constitutes the most widely recognized dispatchable solution for electricity generation.

CSP with thermal storage also offers the best dispatchable price for generating electricity. CSP technology can also be used in other applications such as process heat and desalination.

Suntrap System Rendering
Snow Shedder 600x400 1


Our patented Snowshedder device hastens snow sliding off solar arrays, and thereby increases the production of solar energy in the winter months. The passive device attaches to the panel and is one of those simple “why didn’t I think of that” types of innovation.

While the device is simple, significant research and testing went into refining the product to achieve a 2% to 4% increase in annual production output. Moreover, this production boost comes during times when overall solar generation is decreasing.

After two years of testing in a variety of locations and microclimates, and upon completion of a United States Department of Energy commercialization grant, we are excited to deploy this proprietary technology to PV arrays across Vermont, New Hampshire and Maine.


Applying well-honed principles of assembly manufacturing, the EZ-PV MetaModules™ are mechanically and electrically built in an optimized facility. The completed MetaModules are tested before being brought on-site. The installation is rapidly completed by a lean crew using mechanical assistance as a stream. Norwich Solar EZ-PV MetaModules are delivered on-site on a just-in-time basis.
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Pre-assembling a solar array at Norwich Solar
Assembly In-Shop

Array testing of EZ-PV MetaModule™ systems prior to delivery and installation at your site assures quality.

Bars for solar panel installation on a roof
Pre-assembled Mounting Bars

In-shop assembly means less site disruption and less wear and tear on your property.

EZ-PV Meta Module pre-assembled solar array being airlifted into place by Norwich Solar
Modular Meta Panels

Our pre-assembly approach substantially lessens on-site handling of all components, delivering greater reliability and often reducing need for later maintenance.

Meta module solar panel installation
Easy On-Site Assembly

In-shop pre-assembly means a rapid on-site installation with an efficient crew and mechanical assistance.

EZ-PV solar panels being airlifted onto ground mount
Seamless Installation

EZ-PV is a complete, grid-tied, photovoltaic system. Systems are available in a variety of configurations for either roof or ground-mounted applications.

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