Project Summary

Twin Pines Housing built a new, 30-unit rental complex on Sykes Mountain Avenue in White River Junction, VT. The project includes 15 one-bedroom and 15 two-bedroom apartments with some parking underneath, community gardens, a play area, and open space on this 6-acre site. The second phase of townhouse-style apartments is also being discussed along with the best way to access and protect nearby Lily Pond.

Norwich Solar developed 70 kW-Dc of solar PV electric generation facilities for Housing Vermont (HVT) and Twin Pines Housing (TPH) for the new Sykes Mountain Avenue building in White River Junction, VT.

This $8 million, mixed-income project was developed in partnership with Housing Vermont ( Units will be available based on household size and income as a percent of the area median income (AMI) for Windsor County, which is $72,600 for a family of four in 2017.

Gifts and grants from individuals, businesses, and foundations played an important role in funding this new affordable housing community.

See the July 2019 profile in Green Energy Times.

Site Description

The Premise is located at Sykes Mountain Ave, White River Junction, VT. The PV system size is approximately 70-kW DC and is a roof-mounted, inverter-based solar PV array. The system is comprised of approximately 206 solar modules mounted at a 10-degree tilt with an azimuth of approximately 180 degrees. In this location and at this orientation, the system is expected to produce approximately 80,150 kWh in Year 1.

Norwich Solar Scope

As a turn-key provider of solar electric systems, Norwich Solar handled all aspects of this project, from development, to design, to engineering, procurement, and construction. The Project Team obtained all permits, inspections, reviews, and approvals from applicable regulatory agencies.

Carbon Offsets and CO2 equivalents

EPA Carbon Offsets and CO2 equivalents. Click to enlarge.

Projected First Year Production

Based on a Helioscope simulation, taking into account historical weather and shading for this specific location, the first-year production is estimated to be 80,150 kWhs.

Solar offers HVT and TPH the dual benefits of reducing its energy expense immediately, and significantly over time while enabling a marquee solar project for the region that provides substantial environmental benefits including an anticipated offset of 1,667 metric tons of avoided carbon dioxide emissions over 30 years.


Wentworth Tph Case Study

System Specifications

  • System Capacity: 70-kW DC
  • Type of System: Roof Mount
  • Products:

    • 206 REC 340-watt solar panels
    • SolarEdge P700 optimizer for every two panels, and 5 SolarEdge 14.4 kW three-phase inverters
    • Panel Claw ballasted racking secures the array to the roof


  • Date of Commissioning: June 2019
  • Location: White River Junction, Vermont