Project Summary

The new Weathersfield School rooftop solar array was financed by a Power Purchase Agreement, allowing the school to enjoy discounted power without any capital expense. Because they have the option to purchase the array at a reduced cost after seven years, they have the option of owning the array and enjoying free energy for the next 25-30+ years.

System Specifications

  • System Capacity: 223-Kilowatts DC/150-Kilowatts AC
  • Type of System: Roof-Mounted
  • Products:

    • (613) CPS CHSM6612M/HV 365 Solar Modules
    • (307) SolarEdgeP860 Optimizers
    • (3) SolarEdgeThree-Phase Inverters
    • Ironridge XR100 Flush Mounts 
  • Date of Commissioning: May 2020
  • Location: Weathersfield, Vermont