Project Summary

The Plainfield Elementary School Solar Array was installed in the autumn of 2017 and consists of 378 solar panels each rated at 355-Watts for a total system size of 134,190 Watts-DC. The solar array is interconnected behind the school electrical meter (Energy goes to school first).

Barrington signed a 25-year lease and Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) with the Plainfield School District to provide power at a discount from current rates for the term of the contract.

Through New Hampshire Net Metering rules, the PES’s utility bill is credited by the kWh amount of solar power the system produces. The Project Investor then sends a separate bill to the PES for the power produced – at the discounted rate.

The PPA contains options to purchase the system at specific dates in the future for the fair market value at that time.

Norwich Solar Scope

Norwich Solar was responsible for design, permitting, construction, commissioning, operation, and maintenance of the system. This includes approximately $80,000 in interconnect and electrical upgrade fees including badly needed replacement and relocation of the school transformer.

Barrington Power is the Financial Partner (Project Investor) who purchase, own, operate, and maintain the entire solar system.

Production Statistics

160,000 kWh annual generation will be dedicated and designed to offset 100% of the PES electrical demand equal to a value of over $24,000 per year.

The array’s projected annual generation of 160,000 kWh can power over 20 homes, and results in an equivalent annual reduction of 115,000 lbs of CO2 or 5,600 gallons of gasoline.

An educational display Norwich Solar created for the students at Plainfield Elementary to learn about solar power and their new PV system.

System Specifications

  • System Capacity: 134 kW-DC, 100 kW-AC
  • Type of System: Ground Mount – Fixed Tilt
  • Products:
    • (378) Trina 355 Tallmax Plus
    • (3) SolarEdge 3K US.SE33
  • Date of Commissioning: October 2017
  • Location: Meriden, New Hampshire