Project Summary

Installed in late 2016, despite challenging winter weather with help from Simple Energy’s electricians, the 663 kW-DC ground mounted system consists of 1,980 REC Twin Peak 335W Solar Modules and 14 CPS Inverters. Carefully sized to offset Orange East Supervisory Union loads. As part of the system, Norwich Solar provides access to online data and informational kiosks. Norwich Solar enjoys working with educators to integrate the underlying data and information as part of classroom analysis and educational opportunities.

Our on-site posters provide an excellent learning opportunity for students and the general public.

Norwich Solar Scope

Full scope Engineering, Procurement, and Construction (EPC). During this project, Norwich Solar worked directly with the client from initial, conceptual planning stages through final installation. We crafted a Solar Services Agreement for Oxbow High School that featured No Money down for a system worth over $2 million and provided them immediate savings of 20% off their electric bill. They also have the option to purchase the array at substantially reduced cost. Norwich Solar played a key role in securing incentives and working with the local utility to ensure optimal production and return on investment. Our EZ-PV MetaModule™ approach greatly improved installation efficiency while minimizing site disruption. The MetaModule approach also increased safety and decreased crew size while minimizing material handling and site disruption.

Environmental Benefits & Offsets

The equivalent of 27,549,484 lbs. CO2 or 1,349,803 gallons of gasoline not used.

  • Environmental: Important community contribution to green energy
  • Educational: Significant opportunities for all ages
  • Financial: 20% discount on power savings over 20 years

System Specifications

  • System Capacity: 663 kW-DC, 496 kW-AC
  • Type of System: Ground Mounted
  • Products:
    • 1,980 Trina 335W Solar Modules
    • 13 CPS 36KTL-DO/US-480 (36KW) Inverters
    • 1 CPS 28KTL-DO/US-480 (28KW) Inverter
  • Date of Commissioning: December 2016
  • Location: Bradford, Vermont