Project Summary

Morrison’s Custom Feeds participated in a two-part solar project with Norwich Solar between 2020-2021.  The local renewable energy generated by the solar projects offsets Morrison’s electric bills and reduces the company’s risk of rising electric costs. 

The first solar project, which was built in 2020, was a ground mounted system located a mile from their Barnet Mill.  This project was sized as a 400 KW AC solar array to produce sufficient solar credits to offset the Barnet Mill & office’s electric bills. 

The second project, which was built in 2021, is a smaller 100 kW AC system that was installed on two roofs at Morrison’s Custom Feed Bag store in St. Johnsbury.  This rooftop system was sized to offset the electric bills at the St. Johnsbury facility.

To help fund the projects Morrison’s was awarded a REAP grant from USDA, which combined with the state and federal investment tax credits makes the payback and ROI on these kinds of renewable energy projects highly attractive for any business.


The Morrison’s Custom Feeds business is a leading feed processor and provider in New England with a processing mill and feed distribution facility in Barnet, VT.  The Morrisons are a fifth generation agricultural family that has been operating the mill for the last 30 years. The Morrison family also owns and operates Morrison’s Feed Bag retail store in St Johnsbury, VT. They are proud to be saving money on their electricity and participating in forward thinking business practices such as supporting the local generation of solar power. 

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System Specifications

  • Type of System: Ground
  • System Capacity: 400 Kilowatts AC
  • Date of Commissioning: October 2020
  • Location: Barnet, Vermont 


  • Type of System: Roof
  • System Capacity: 100 Kilowatts AC
  • Date of Commissioning: November 2021
  • Location: St. Johnsbury, Vermont