Project Summary

The Hartford, VT Department of Public Works is responsible for transportation infrastructure, water supply, administration and management of capital projects, efficient collection and treatment of wastewater, and management of a comprehensive solid waste and recycling facility. The Town of Hartford hosts the site on the roof of the Public Works building and will see long-term savings and energy price stability. At various predetermined times during the contract, the Town of Hartford has the options to purchase the system at significant savings at the then fair market value.

As is typical of municipal solar energy development, the Hartford, VT Public Works project was unable to directly receive the benefit of the generous 30% Federal Investment Tax Credit (ITC), making the Solar Service Agreement (SSA) an effective financing solution wherein the SSA holder is also the system purchaser and uses their tax equity position to leverage the 30% ITC and other tax benefits and incentives to own the system and share the savings through a discounted energy rate to the Town.

Norwich Solar Scope

Full scope Engineering, Procurement and Construction (EPC). Norwich Solar worked directly with town administrators and Select Board members from initial, conceptual planning stages through final installation. Norwich Solar played a key role in securing a solar investor, incentives, and working with the local utility to ensure optimal production and return on investment. Norwich Solar will perform all operations and maintenance of the systems.

Norwich Solar is a Vermont-based company whose mission is to help all cities and towns reap the benefits of clean, renewable solar energy and to help us achieve the state’s greenhouse gas emissions goals of 90% Renewables by 2050. To reach this mark, each village and town in Vermont, and across New England, must collectively do its part.

Production Statistics

Anticipated Production: 46,340 kWh in Year One.

System Specifications

  • System Capacity: 36.72 kW-DC, 28.8 kW-AC
  • Type of System: Flush Roof Mount (standing seam)
  • Products:
    • (108) 340-watt Trina modules
    • SolarEdge Panel x Panel Optimization and Inverters
  • Date of Commissioning: February 2018
  • Location: Hartford, Vermont