Project Summary

Developed by a combination of public and private organizations and individuals, this solar project on the Town of Hartford, Vermont police and fire building’s roof provides discounted solar credits to two local Low- to Moderate-Income Housing (LMI) communities.


Many LMI residents face barriers to solar such as renting or raising the upfront capital required. By working with local investors who want to make a positive impact in their community, the parties involved were able to create a solar project that overcame these barriers and created a win for everyone involved.


The Town of Hartford recognized they could use a municipal property to help local LMI residents save money while generating local renewable energy. The resulting 87kW rooftop installation on the top of Hartford’s Public Safety Building is a collaboration with one of our impact investors, Hartford, Twin Pines Housing, and Stewart Property Management. Savings from the solar installation supports the affordability of these LMI housing units located in Hartford, VT. This project once again shows the leadership local government and LMI housing organizations are actively taking to connect a forward-looking economy benefiting all Vermonters.

System Specifications

  • System Capacity: 86.6-kW DC/66.7-kW AC
  • Type of System: Roof Mount
  • Products:
    • (275)  Canadian Solar 315-watt solar modules
    • (1) SolarEdge inverter
    • Ballasted Racking
  • Date of Commissioning: December 2019
  • Location: Hartford, Vermont