Project Summary

In 2016, Dublin School entered into an agreement with New Energy Equity, LLC for Norwich Solar to build and operate a 400 kW (DC) ground-mounted solar photovoltaic array on approximately two acres of the lower Dublin School campus. The solar array is comprised of approximately 1,330 solar modules. The system is expected to produce 556,000 kWh of electricity per year, which is equivalent to the total current electrical needs of the school.

The project is one of two major projects in the State of New Hampshire to receive a significant grant from the state to reduce energy costs. The $175,000 grant, coupled with the overall efficiency of the project, will reduce energy costs to the school by approximately 30% in the first year, with additional savings to the extent that commercial electrical energy costs increase in the future.

As a part of the project, Dublin is significantly upgrading its overall electrical infrastructure on campus including providing three-phase power for the first time. Due to its efficiency, this will further reduce energy costs and allow the use of more efficient electrical equipment on campus.

Norwich Solar Scope

Full scope Engineering, Procurement and Construction (EPC). Norwich Solar worked directly with school administrators and Board members from initial, conceptual planning stages through final installation. Norwich Solar played a key role in securing solar investor, incentives, and working with the local utility to ensure optimal production and return on investment.


Click on image to see live streaming data from the Dublin School PV Array and its offets.

Production Statistics

The project is expected to generate 555,600 kWh per year of clean solar electricity in year 1.


  • Estimated CO2e avoided over 25-years of system operation 11,521,248 lbs. CO2.
  • Equivalent to carbon emissions from burning: 2,254 tons of coal, or 12,153 barrels of oil, or 585,870 gallons of gasoline.

System Specifications

  • System Capacity: 434,160 W-DC / 324,000 W-AC
  • Type of System: Ground Mount – Fixed Axis
  • Products:
    • (1,296) REC 335 Solar Modules (Twinpeak 72 Series)
    • (9) CPS 36k kW 480V Inverters
    • Solarpark USA Inc. Racking
    • (432) Ground Screw Foundations
  • Date of Commissioning: December 2016
  • Location: Dublin, New Hampshire