Project Summary

This 34kW-DC, net-metered, distributed generation photovoltaic system serves the Unitarian Universalist Church in Concord, New Hampshire, and was commissioned in April of 2017. This fixed tilt, ground-mounted array utilizes the proprietary, Norwich Solar EZ-PV MetaModule™ installation approach to optimize installation efficiencies. Although as a nonprofit the Church is not able to take advantage of federal tax credits and accelerated depreciation afforded renewable energy projects, it chose to purchase the system rather than enter into a Power Purchase Agreement because of the generous New Hampshire rebate in force at the time as well as for the dramatic energy savings they would see over the life of the system.

Norwich Solar Scope

Full scope Engineering, Procurement and Construction (EPC). Norwich Solar worked directly with Church Board members from initial, conceptual planning stages through final installation. Norwich Solar played a key role in working with the local utility to ensure optimal production and return on investment. Norwich Solar’ EZ-PV Meta-Module approach greatly improved installation efficiency while minimizing site disruption. The MetaModule approach increased safety and decreased crew size while minimizing material handling and site disruption.

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Production Statistics

Production Estimate: 42,500 kWh / Year 1 (calculated)


  • Estimated CO2e avoided over 25-years of system operation: 913,873 CO2
  • Equivalent to carbon emissions from burning:179 tons of coal, or 964 barrels of oil, or 46,472 gallons of gasoline.

System Specifications

  • System Capacity: 218.1 Kilowatts-DC
  • Type of System: Roof Mounted
  • Products:
    • (560) Twin Peak 72 Series, 330-Watt PV Modules
    • (20) SolarEdge Power Optimizer Inverters with Monitoring
  • Date of Commissioning: October 2018
  • Location: Thetford, Vermont