Project Reached CPG Status – January 2023

Norwich Solar is pleased to announce receiving a Certificate of Public Good (CPG) through the Vermont Public Utility Commission for a 500 kW AC solar array in Jamaica, VT. The ground-mounted solar panels will generate enough renewable clean energy to power approximately 130 homes per year, and offset the carbon emission equivalent of almost 150 cars per year.

The solar array site is a depleted gravel/sand extraction area. The Jamaica Selectboard, Planning Commission, and the Windham Regional Planning Commission all designated the location as a preferred site. The array will occupy roughly 3-4 acres of a larger parcel which also hosts several homes. 

The Jamaica Planning Commission and Selectboard commented that they “were pleased to provide a letter to the Public Utility Commission indicating that the Town wished to designate the project location in East Jamaica as a ‘preferred site’ under Section 5.103 of PUC Rule 5.100.” 

“We recommended that our Selectboard endorse Norwich Solar’s application for a Certificate of Public Good for a solar array on site P00S-30 based on the project’s compliance with all of our Act 174 compliant energy plan’s solar array siting criteria”, noted the town Planning Commission in a group statement. “Furthermore, we noted that when complete this project will provide sufficient renewable energy to meet over 50% of our plan’s 2050 renewable source generation goal.  We have encouraged Norwich Solar to consider additional similar future projects in Jamaica.”

Domenic Mangago, owner of the property known as Kings Plot, recognized the opportunity solar provides for maximizing the benefits of his land, and gaining additional returns on his property investment. He manages several properties through his residential and commercial property management company that builds and supplies affordable homes to the local area.

Mangano commented, “The project is a win for the town of Jamaica. Not only does the project generate clean energy for the region, it’s a smart decision for me as a property owner and manager.  The solar array will also not be a disruptive neighbor for the residents of the nearby homes and apartments located on the property.” 

Martha Staskus, Chief Development Officer for Norwich Solar added, “It’s been a pleasure working with the Town and Domenic in planning for the array.  We’re looking forward to bringing this project to fruition for our net metering customers.”

Norwich Solar develops several different types of commercial solar projects including on-site solar for businesses or municipalities, as well as community solar projects like this one in Jamaica. The net metering credits generated from community solar arrays are allocated to a variety of Vermont customers. This project has allocated a mix of small businesses, mostly agricultural producers, through Norwich Solar’s Small Business Community Solar Alliance. The program is open to any Vermont business with Green Mountain Power electric bills in excess of $10,000 a year.  By participating in Community Solar projects like this, Vermont business owners can save money on their energy costs while contributing to a more vibrant local economy.

The project has several more milestones to complete before physical work is expected to begin next spring, including permitting, final design and procurement. With more than 23 projects in the pipeline for 2023, Norwich Solar is planning to bring more than 13 million kilowatt hours of solar energy online by the end of the year to the Northern New England region.

System Specifications

  • Type of System: Ground
  • System Capacity: 500 Kilowatts AC
  • Projected Date of Commissioning: December 2023
  • Location: Jamaica, Vermont