Land & Rooftop Leases

Norwich Solar is helping commercial, municipal, nonprofit, and private entities put their rooftops and land to work with solar development opportunities. Put your rooftop, parking lot or unused land to work with a solar site lease.

Turn Your Property into an Income Stream

Norwich Solar partners with local VT, NH and ME building and landowners. By offering leases for solar project sites, we deliver 25+ years of passive income to boost their bottom line. Their property becomes a reliable revenue producer, contributes to the clean energy economy, and provides area businesses, schools, and nonprofits with renewable energy.

Why Leasing Your Property for Solar Makes Sense

A Solar Roof or Land Lease gives us a home for our steady stream of renewable energy projects and an opportunity for your property to generate long-term, predictable revenue to boost your bottom line. A Solar Lease allows property owners the chance to convert underutilized land or roof space into a long-term income stream while providing your state or local community with clean, renewable energy.
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How We Decide If a Property is Suitable?

We perform a site development analysis with a thorough evaluation involving the utility and state regulatory agencies to determine whether your commercial roof or land qualifies as a solar site … at no cost to you. We consider land of 3-6 acres or more to be ideal for solar project development. Land should have good solar orientation, be relatively level, free of ecologically sensitive areas, and access to 3-phase power. Sites need not be pristine; brownfields, landfills, gravel pits, quarries, parking lots, former industrial sites, and previously occupied properties are ideal and given preferential treatment for permitting by the State of Vermont.

Rooftops should have 5,000+ square feet with good sun exposure. Our rooftop solar arrays installed on a flat membrane roof are ballast mounted, meaning no penetrations through the roofing membrane. Using PanelClaw racking, the structure is designed to simply sit on top of the existing roof structure and is attached to the roof using weighted ballast blocks. All wiring is run via conduit along the side of the roof, resulting in a clean and unobtrusive installation.

Land Lease Rates

Rates vary depending on the size of the project, nature of the property, proximity to power lines, ease of access to the site, and solar orientation. After performing an initial feasibility study, we present a formal solar lease agreement to the property owner, typically either with a large upfront payment or smaller annual payments over 25 years.
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Commercial Rooftop Lease Rates

  • You will receive an upfront payment for a 25-year lease based upon the size of the solar array.
  • You will receive credit on your electric bill for the next 25 years.
  • You can choose to save more on your electric costs by purchasing additional credits from the system – if you are a large electric customer.
  • You have NO out of pocket expenses and NO ongoing costs from the array

Contract Period

Our standard lease term is 25 years (the warranted life of the solar panels), but systems can last for 35 years so we may offer 3-, 5- or 10-year extensions.

How a Solar Project Affects the Landscape

Solar projects make great neighbors because they have no moving parts, create no pollutions, and basically just sit there for 25 years, except for our routine maintenance and mowing around the panels. Solar projects are often fenced with access only for authorized maintenace personnel. At the end of the contact we decommission, dismantle and remove the system, returning the land to its original condition.
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Need a New Roof? Solar Can Help Pay For It.

Let Norwich Solar cover the cost of replacing your old barn or commercial building roof, while we utilize the space to support sustainable energy in New England.