King Arthur Baking

Cardigan Mountain School in Canaan, NH

Project Summary

In partnership with Norwich Solar Technologies, Flour Power, and Norwich Fire District, King Arthur Baking is enabling increased solar production in Norwich – helping meet both town and state goals for clean energy production. The solar array, sited on a former sandpit on Route 5 near Patchen’s Point, is operated as a group net-metering system with King Arthur Baking as customer.

The array will generate ~931,500 kilowatt hours a year, offsetting more than 100% of King Arthur Baking’s energy usage at its retail location in Norwich, VT.  This equates to power usage of 125 single-family homes in Vermont, or the carbon sequestered by 775 acres of U.S. forests in 1 year.

“Triple Bottom Line” for KAF
Suzanne McDowell, VP of Social Responsibility and Sustainability, commented “As a Certified B Corp, King Arthur Baking has a responsibility to take all stakeholders into account. This is a triple bottom line project with social, environmental, and financial benefits. In signing this 20-year agreement, we are creating a more sustainable future for our community – generating jobs, providing local clean energy, and putting unproductive land back into use. It’s a win-win-win!”

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Norwich Solar Technologies Scope

Norwich Solar Technologies co-founder Troy McBride explains that, “This project is a great example of putting unproductive land back into productive use via a renewable energy project and increasing local Vermont energy generation. It is built on a former sand pit owned by the Norwich Fire District, the host of this project. We are delighted to work with King Arthur Baking, Norwich Fire District, and Flour Power.”100% employee-owned King Arthur Baking is America’s oldest flour company, founded in Boston in 1790.

Production Statistics

  • Anticipated Production: 931,500 kWh per year
  • Percentage of electric load offset by array: 100%

Environmental Benefits / Offset Equivalents**

  • 659 metric tons of CO2 yearly
  • Carbon sequestered by 775 acres of forests in 1 year

(**estimates based on 50K lbs. carbon offset/ 579 trees planted and 52,000 miles driven per kW over system life)


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