Jacob has over 10years of experience in solar engineering, working on everything from backwoods offgrid, commercial rooftop, to MW groundmounts. Previous to coming to Norwich Solar Technologies Jacob was the Lead Designer for SunCommon and played an instrumental role in turning SunCommon into the largest residential installer in the state of Vermont and one of the first to run a Community Solar program.

Prior to that, as Electrical Engineer for Alteris Renewables (now Real Goods) he got to spearhead the development of some of the first MW scale PV projects in the Northeastern US.

While he loves a good spreadsheet, or fine tuning processes, he particularly relishes getting out to construction sites and meeting customers and contractors. Especially when the sun is shining.

Email:  flanigan@norwichsolar.com
Phone: 802.281.3213

Iver Hulleberg, solar engineer of Norwich Technologies