How Solar Power Has Grown Up

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Courtesy of The Valley News

Back in the ’70s, sunshine was everywhere. John Denver released “Sunshine on My Shoulders” in 1973. Kids got Sunshine Family dolls under the Christmas tree from 1974-78. (The Mattel toys were sort of the anti-Barbies who kept the Age of Aquarius alive.) And in 1979, President Jimmy Carter installed the first solar panels on the White House (he had help.)

But, if you take a look at the history, you’ll find that now is when sunshine is really having its moment. Right now, sunshine–the root of solar power– is fueling the energy so many are choosing — not just for their houses, but for their businesses, schools, and even their spiritual homes.

We asked Jim Merriam, a veteran of the solar industry, and CEO of White River Junction, Vt.-based Norwich Solar, to explain. After all, their website reads, “Solar Power has Never Been More Affordable,” in headline font. What exactly does that mean?