If your business has sustainability or clean-energy targets, we can help you meet them—easier, sooner, better.

Energy use is typically one of the largest expenses of any commercial property. With this in mind, savvy business owners are increasingly looking at commercial solar power as an effective means of reducing operating expenses and creating a solid long-term investment, which could lead to a significant increase in your bottom line. Apart from the obvious benefit of reducing energy bills and providing a guaranteed income over the next 20 years or so, adopting solar for your business also increases your green credentials, showing your customers a commitment to environmental stewardship. This is the “Triple Bottom Line”: Financial Performance, Social Impact, and Environmental Responsibility.

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Norwich Solar Technologies clients include Educational Institutions, Utilities, Municipalities, Commercial Enterprises, Farms, Small Businesses and others in the 25kW to 5MW range. Our clients enjoy these important benefits:

    •    Customer-Focused, Quality Energy Solutions
    •    Substantial, Long-Term Savings
    •    Stabilized, Predictable Energy Costs
    •    Industry Leading Design, Engineering, and Installation
    •    Highest Quality, Professionally Vetted Products
    •    Reduced Carbon Footprint and much more

We are not just another solar installer. To fully serve your energy needs, Norwich Solar Technologies also provides expert turnkey services throughout Vermont and New Hampshire to commercial and industrial solar electric customers including: Development, Design, Engineering, Procurement, Permitting, Construction, Power Purchase Agreements, Structured Financial Solutions, as well as Long-Term Operations and Maintenance.

We also offer the following services free-of-charge:

    • Electric Consumption Load Analysis and Review
    • Preliminary Engineering and Design Consulting
    • Financial Benefit Analysis and Tax Credit Review
    • No Obligation Project Quote and Review of Options

Additionally, we will remain your clean energy partner, providing a long-term vision that keeps you abreast of the latest technology, as well as the evolving financial opportunities in renewable energy.